We build software solutions that align directly with
your goals, organizational procedures, information
mobilization objectives
, and existing third-party
applications. We create fully
 secure online experiences
that facilitate multi-faceted workflows and seamless
integration with your existing systems and databases.

We consistently work with the latest platforms, frameworks,
and technologies
 to ensure long term sustainability
and viability. Our development technologies cover the
complete Microsoft stack of development tools, working in the .
 framework, and integrating with the latest
in development


Iterative, Agile & Collaborative Development ds

We’ll work in close collaboration with your project
throughout the entire development process.
Our innovative partnerships are facilitated by
our incremental
 development strategies,
which ensure that each phase of development

is built in manageable chunks. Each project
undergoes continuous manual and
automated testing. Key components of our
project management approach include: 

  • Constant Collaboration to ensure that the
    team and stakeholders
    remain actively involved in the
    development process. 
  • Incremental Development whereby each
    phase of the project is built in
    manageable chunks and released to a user
    acceptance stage server (UAT)
    for client testing, feedback, and collaboration. 
  • Full Issue Tracking through our proprietary,
    web-based project management system.
     team members are encouraged to
    review issues, respond to outstanding items,
    and submit change requests at any time. 

Enterprise Application Integration

We ensure that our custom solutions integrate
seamlessly with your existing technologies.
This simplifies and automates
 business processes
to the greatest possible extent.
Our development team binds discrete software
systems based on the latest technologies
like .Net, 
JavaScript, SQL, and links these
technologies to existing 
software and web
applications via several different APIs, providing
exceptional power and ease-of-use. 

 We maintain extensive experience developing
and designing data repositories of
metadata using
 external sources, developing
fluid architecture with Data Exchange APIs.
We’ll successfully power complex repositories
of metadata using your existing databases to
support the pulling and pushing of content in real-time. 


Software Security Architecture

We work diligently to identify and respond
to security and privacy risks. Leveraging our
proprietary authentication and authorization
solutions ensures that our software is built
to extend secure system login while
supporting rigorous standards of data protection.

UX Design & Prototyping

Our functional wireframe prototypes establish
software flows and requirements.
UX designs and concepts are refined
incremental releases for review,
collaboration, and vetting from all stakeholders. 

 Our approach to UX design utilizes the
latest trends in web and user interface
design standards and protocols, with a

consistent focus on the end-user experience.
The front-end look and feel of our
applications are driven by streamlined
navigation elements, 

system-wide ease of use for each user type,
intuitive search functionality
and the logical aggregation of information
and data. WCAG 2.0 Level AA
and AODA guidelines are fully 
to ensure adherence to strict
accessibility parameters. Responsive designs
utilized to facilitate a truly
end-user driven experience.

Software Testing & QA

Automated integration tests allow us
to test, record, and measure system
performance throughout development.
Comprehensive end-to-end software
testing is executed in the context of
real browsers and devices,
resulting in a flawless product that is
fully vetted and prepared for launch.

 Our approach to quality assurance
allows us to anticipate any potential
of weakness within an application
while it is being developed.
This process conserves an additional
20% of our development time,
 improving the quality
of our code and virtually
eliminating the threat of runtime errors. 


Mobile Application Development

We are a funloving passionate team,
working to make betterperforming
mobile applications. And we love
what we do. We know that every single
user has his unique demand from an app
and we believe making
 a userfriendly
app is a powerful process to
 the productivity of millions of
users by meeting their demand.
We are inspired by our very own necessity.
And six of us started a mission to
make android and iOS user’s lives
hasslefree through making better apps. 

Our vision is to redefine the user experience
android and iOS users. 

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